As our name suggests, at Cheap Voice Overs and Videos, we offer discounted prices on the best voice overs and videos you can get. Our prices are low and production quality is high! Our productions are created by professional writers, voice over talent, audio engineers, and video producers.

Low Price

Just take a look around at the competition and see for yourself how much others charge for the same services. Some charge as much as $800 to $1,000 and deliver the same, bland, voice overs and videos to several clients over and over again. 

To us, this is absolutely unacceptable. We make sure that every voice over and video that we produce meets and, in fact, exceeds the expectations of every individual client. Our prices and quality are the best on the market.

What you'll find is that it just doesn't get much better than Cheap Voice Overs and Videos,  Guaranteed!

Voice Overs Prices:

Blue Microphone with Sound Waves

Narration, Training, Character Voices, Announcing, On-hold Prompts, On-hold Messaging, Custom Birthday/ "Special Day" Voice Overs, etc.

  • Up to 15 Minutes = $100 
  • Up to 13 Minutes =  $90
  • Up to 12 Minutes =  $80
  • Up to 10 Minutes =  $70
  • Up to 9 Minutes  =   $60
  • Up to 7 Minutes  =   $50
  • Up to 4 Minutes  =   $40
  • Up to 3 Minutes  =   $30
  • Up to 2 Minutes  =   $20

** We can discuss discounts for repeat customers and longer projects like audio book narration, full training narration, blog narration, etc. If you're interested in discussing this or any other projects, rates, etc., contact us.
Extra Add-ons to Enhance Your Voice Over:
  • $10 - Our professional staff will write the script for your voice over project.
  • $5 -   Royalty free music added to your custom narration, with fade-out. 
  • $10 - Customized sound effects (SFX) and professional mixing.

**  If you need liners for radio imaging, telephone prompts, and on-hold messaging, we will only charge you for the cost of the time.  For example, when the project is complete, we would add up the time length of the entire project.

**  If the sum of the play time of all your audio files equals 7 minutes, then your total cost would only be $50 for the full project.

PowerPoint & Video Prices:

Blue Filmstrip

PowerPoint, Flash, & Video Production and Editing with Images, Voice Narration, & Special Effects, Video Effects, Sound Effects (SFX).

**  All video projects come with studio-quality video effects. This is absolutely free of charge!
  • Up to 10 Minutes = $110 
  • Up to 9 Minutes = $100
  • Up to 8 Minutes = $90
  • Up to 7 Minutes = $80
  • Up to 6 Minutes = $70
  • Up to 5 Minutes = $60
  • Up to 4 Minutes = $50
  • Up to 3 Minutes = $40
  • Up to 2 Minutes = $30
  • Format Conversion only= $5

Extra Add-ons to Enhance Your Video:

  • $20 - Our professional staff will write the script for your video project.
  • $10 - Branding with your company logo. We will add your company logo as a watermark to your video.

Thank you for visiting Cheap Voice Overs and Videos. Please come again for all your top-notch, commercial quality voice over and video solutions. We'll help you brand your business, blog, or website, WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK! Please visit the website also.

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