Voice Over Demos

The following are voice over demos that we produced. Some of them are for various corporate and academic clients in the public and private sector. Some others were created for individuals, bloggers, and website publishers.

Metallic Microphones

Voice Over Production Process:

When we produce voice overs, in addition to recording the audio content, we also confer with the clients to learn of their vision for the project, the marketing message they want to convey, and conduct market research to ensure that our completed project is directly aligned with their brand identity. From there, we write scripts or edit existing scripts, add music beds, and mix the entire project.

Adding Music Beds, Mixing, and Sound Effects to Voice Overs:

Some voice over projects require music, while some do not. This is up to the client's desires. We also add sound effects, as desired.

Lastly, we fully produce, edit, and deliver each media project, meeting the required specifications of each individual client.  All of the voice overs that we do are completely customized and unique to each client.

Unique Character Voices:

One of the greatest aspects of voice overs is the beautiful character voices that listeners are able to experience. Enjoy hearing character voice acting when listening to audio stories, audio books, and video game voices on this page.

You will hear them on "The Wake Up Story" audio book and the video game narration below.

Custom On Hold Messaging for Telephone and IVR:

As with all of the voice over work that we produce, on hold messages can be as simple or complex as the client desires.

Listen to some of our Custom On Hold Messaging voice overs below.

Elder Bank - Custom On Hold Message

Software Company - Automated Customer Service Message

June Movie Theater - Custom On Hold Message - Automated Ticket Line

Country Day IVR - Custom On Hold Message

Corporate Narration and Training:

The work we do in the area of corporate narration and training voice overs includes E-learning, webinar modules, business training, workshops, and seminars, just to name a few. As the world becomes a much more global workplace, these services grow in demand.

Listen to some of our Corporate Narration and Training voice overs below.

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

Pfizer - Employee Training

County Hospital - White Plains

Tribute World Trade Center Memorial

Radio and TV Commercial Narration:

Radio and television commercials used to be only for big business owners, but not anymore. Now even the mom-and-pop business, blogger, podcaster, and college kid can afford to have the best voice over narrations.

Once the project has been produced, which usually takes up the bulk of the cost, then it's ready to go live on the airwaves of radio and TV for all to see and hear. Add today's ability to advertise on and create Internet radio stations to the mix, and the sky is the limit!

With the advent of video sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video, MySpace Video, BrightCove, and Vimeo, it makes sense to use high quality, inexpensive video production services like ours to leverage your online visibility. Once we do your narration, or produce your video, you can post it anywhere on the Internet to market yourself to the entire world.

Listen to some of our commercial voice overs below.

Automobile Financing Company

Voice Over Services

Smooth Jazz Radio


Documentary and Industrial Film Narration:

Documentary narration voice overs are always interesting to watch and listen to. Enjoy listening to these samples. Imagine what we can do for your next project.

Listen to some of our Documentary Narration voice overs below.

Brevard College Admissions Video - Industrial Film Narration

Charlie Chaplin - Documentary Narration

Seattle Tourism Bureau - Industrial Film Narration

Audio Book Narration:

Audio books are becoming extremely popular these days, as people become more and more busy with their careers and families. We can turn your book, short story, or poem into a professional audio book with great ease. 

While some companies will break the bank for these services, we will do an excellent job with great quality for a fraction of the cost.

We create audio books and books on tape for children and adults alike, incorporating sound effects, music, and character voices as well. Hear examples of character voices on "The Wake Up Story" voice over sample below.

Listen to some of our Audio Book Narration voice overs below.

The Wake Up Story - (With Character Voice)

Little Women

Video Game Narration:

Narration is one of the most important parts of a video game. The quality and tone of the narrator's voice is used as both an instrument and effect. It evokes emotion and often determines whether the player will want to continue playing the game or not.

The best video game narration voice talent consists of actors who can adjust the speed, intonation, inflection, and dialect of their voice to fit the circumstances, creating an environment that is appropriate for the age level and education level of the intended player of the target market.

Listen to our Video Game Narration voice over below.

Video Game (With Character Voice)

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