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Voiceover Pros' Ultimate Guide to Staying Sane in Times of Sheer Insanity

Have you ever wondered how voiceover pros keep from losing their minds when things get hectic around the sound booth? This article offers five things voiceover professionals can do when they need a break.

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The voice over business is booming, industry has become more aware of the need for our services, and there's more than enough work to go around. But how do we cope with the high stress of fast turnaround times and constant, "insanity," or fast-paced energy and, "always on" attitude " that often drives so many of us. 

Don't get me wrong, it is the sum of all of this that makes us who and what we are. It also contributes to our success in a demanding and wonderful field. But there comes a time when we all need a momentary break, coping mechanism, and, "me time," in order to remain above the curve.

What this really means is that many voiceover producers, script writers, etc. have a difficult time getting it all done and this can be quite a source of frustration. It is indeed a tremendous blessing and fortune to have this kind of problem, if it can even be effectively referred to as a problem! We are definitely fortunate, especially with so many people out of work right now, not to mention the holidays coming up.

Things have been extremely busy around here lately, what with narrating and producing voiceovers, videos, D.J. drops, podcast intros, radio station and podcast I.D. and all. But every now and then a girl has to take a break, right?

I was thinking about how hectic things can get for me and I thought about how I can get spastic at times when there's just too much to do and not enough hands to do it with and then it came to me!

Other voice over talent probably experience the exact same thing. Well, of course they do! So then I started thinking that it could be quite useful to just take a few moments, gather my thoughts, sit down, and then ultimately write a blog post about this problem and offer up some tips on how I cope with this situation. 

"So here, you have it folks." The "Voiceover Actors' Ultimate Guide to Staying Sane in Times of Sheer Insanity." 

Voiceover Pros' Ultimate Guide to Staying Sane in Times of Sheer Insanity:

Here are some great ways for voiceover professionals to stay sane in times of sheer insanity and take a brief time out.

1. Call A Friend

As voiceover professional, we love to talk. It's how we earn our bread and butter, so we've got to love it. We definitely do enough of it. Why not take out a little time to phone a friend. Catching up with old friends you haven't chatted with in a while is always fun and can ease the stress of a long day behind the mic.

2. Take A Walk

Getting outside and taking a nice, stroll can do wonders. This gets you out of your closed in voiceover studio and into wide, open spaces. The benefits of inhaling fresh air abound and will have a nice impact on your mental and emotional state, in addition to your chops.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Taking out a little time for physical activity always loosens up the soul. Try something new like working out with a Valeo Medicine Ball. You don't even have to know what you're doing. Just follow along with the thousands of YouTube videos of medicine ball workouts. You just might love it. If nothing else, it's bound to give you a new experience, increased stamina, strength for editing.

    Use the videos in this Medicine Ball Exercise Video Playlist to guide you through your workout.

    4. Record a Voiceover Just for Fun 

    This one may sound absurd, but think about it. Even though we need a break, we love doing voiceovers, so why not take out a little time to finally record something that you've been wanting to do for yourself, but just couldn't get to it because you could never find the time? Sound like fun? Examples include audio stories for your kids or significant other. Use your skills and have fun.

    5. Watch a Movie

    Ahhhh, now we're talking. Take some time out to enjoy watching a good movie. Pop some popcorn, kick up your heels, and enjoy a good, old flick!

    How Do You Stay Sane In Times of Insanity?

    Here's a question for my voiceover friends. How do you relax and stay sane in times of sheer insanity? What do you do to relax when you need a break from voiceover work? Please leave a comment.

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